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I accuse !

As already described in the foreword, I discovered several laws of nature. So far, these have not been commented on, refuted and not declared invalid by the institutions and organizations that represent and constitute official science. It is therefore to be assumed that they are valid!

Nevertheless, it is all the more conspicuous and reprehensible when the named official science has not established any contact with me and has refused any attempted contact by me! This also shows how inhuman people, especially Germans, can be and that the higher their rank in society. Basically nothing has changed in this regard in Germany for more than 80 years. We still have this ignorant elite. It is the duty of the elite to take up new knowledge, comment on it and disseminate it. And because they do not, the responsible institutions and people in science and politics are to be indicted!

In view of the years of silence of the representatives of official science on my discoveries, one has to assume that they have their pants full and are so frozen that they can no longer get anything out of them, not a word, no Ma-a-a, no Ba-a-a - the "Laffen, Doctors, Magister, Scriber and Priests" (Goethe in his Faust) in the Federal Republic of Germany and around the world.

If my discoveries had been made in one or more recognized institutes or academies (e.g. Max Planck Institute), then there would have been several Nobel Prizes for them long ago. However, since this knowledge does not come from the dominant scientists and the dominant and official science (e.g. Max Planck Institute, Leopoldina), they have no interest in presenting this knowledge to people, what they are obliged to do and what the "dignity of man" would correspond. With their behaviour, the majority of state employees and civil servants refute that "human dignity is inviolable" according to Article 1 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany). All of this obviously does not interest them. They also don't care that their behaviour is committing a crime against science, humans and especially young people. They don't have to fear punishment anyway, because the power rests with them. So you have to live with these conditions in and with a corrupt state, as the FRG (Federal Republic of Germany) has become more and more.

In accordance with their ignorant behaviour, the persons responsible for official science do not fulfil their duties and they do not respect decency, equal opportunities, etc., so disregard the Basic Law and are such a bad role model for society, especially for young people, what then has the consequence that their behaviour makes society worse and worse.

According to all this official science, with its institutions and people, is also to be accused of crimes against humanity, primarily because it prevents humanity from experiencing the latest knowledge.
In my homepage page   I have listed some people and institutes who are accused of crimes of this kind for the reasons mentioned.

This ignorance of better knowledge will hit Germany especially hard once again!

    Presented:  08. February, 2021
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           Dietmar West

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