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Graduate engineer (FH) Dietmar (G.) West

Eschenbacher Str. 26
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Dietmar West founded the modern psychology based on laws of nature. This also made psychology a natural science !

Dietmar West is the founder of the modern psychology, which is based on the natural laws description of the processes of life and of experience and behavior. He discovered several natural laws that determine life, experience and behavior. These are listed in the Forword (to be selected in the menu).

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Due to the laws of nature discovered by Dietmar West, the science of life, experience and behavior (psychology) is comparatively at least on the level of physics after the discoveries of Isaac Newton.

Dietmar West, discoverer of several laws of nature that affect human life, experience and behaviour, guarantees for his treatises such as The Principle of All Life, The Basic Law of Psychology, The Post-Biological Development Process of Homo sapiens s., etc., that they represent and describe natural-law-contexts.

Such a guarantee of the representation of only natural-law-contexts should also express that today - in the twenty-first century - the officially taught science of man (mainly in the sense of psychology - experience and behaviour) basically only offers speculations. Well-known people and institutions are behind it and they are not ashamed of not giving better knowledge a chance. Better and best knowledge has little chance in our society, because here there are state cliques that understand their task, among other things, in preventing absolute (natural law) truth from arising. The consequences of this are that the highest level of the state disseminates or promotes errors and lies (e.g. television companies and their programs with their advisory boards, experts, reviewers, etc.) in order to distract from the truth or to cover it up. Another consequence is that better or best knowledge is ignored.

Even today, the representation (publication and official recognition) of natural law contexts is subject to censorship by the "ruling scientists" who sit in the state institutes (also in German state television such as ARD, ZDF, 3sat, etc.) and are not capable to recognize  true contexts. Instead of this they provide speculative or for most people irrelevant knowledge in their blabber broadcasts, such as the "black holes" with Prof. Harald Lesch, which are light years away.

The censorship of better knowledge in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) today consists in ignorance: in the FRG today better knowledge is given no chance to be recognized by those who represent the state (governors and rulers)!  These state representatives include the institutes and "scientists" ruling in science, who ignore the scientists who produce outstanding results but do not belong to the official administrative apparatus of the FRG. The ruling scientists, with the support of the ruling politicians and their policies, commit crimes against all people, that is, against humanity, because they have a right to receive the latest knowledge, even if the rulers don't exactly like it. It is a crime against the people - against their own and against foreign peoples, what the rulers (today) are doing in science. As usual, the people themselves do not notice this because they are misled and fed with alternative knowledge, à la philosopher Gert Scobel, David Precht or black hole specialist Prof. Harald Lesch, etc.

So the meanness of the rulers and rulers has not been abolished, they have only taken on other forms! ("Woe to you that you are a grandson." - Goethe in Faust).

Some of the ruling people and institutions who commit crimes of the kind described here, I have in the homepage on the page named.

Furthermore, one can say that the psychology officially taught today is still a naïve "science" because it encompasses natural laws and relationships, such as The Basic Law of All Life, The Basic Law of Psychology and other lawfulness, such as the regularity of mental and spiritual states and their Changes that determine people's experience and behaviour are ignored and, for the most part, encourages speculation.

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